The unspeakable happened here in sunny California. It rained…like a lot. I’m talking about a once-in-a-decade rainstorm that left the streets of downtown blanketed with abandoned broken umbrellas and cranky skid row residents.

Luckily, I thought of a last minute indoor activity that would keep the kids entertained. Originally I was going to have them paint on paper, but then I thought how cool it would be if they painted on rocks instead! Lots of perks of painting on rocks vs paper, such as:

  1. If the kids want to start over with their painting, they can just wash the rock in the sink for a new clean surface!
  2. Each rock has it’s own unique shape and size, which may even influence what the kids paint on it
  3. Painting on a 3D object just seems cool and so different compared toΒ a flat sheet of paper
  4. Each rock should have two sides, allowing for more art (or you can stick to one and make the entire rock look like a hamburger!)
  5. This is a project you too can have fun with! Not sure what it is, but painting on rocks is actually therapeutic and seems zen-like
  6. You can use these colorful rocks as fun and creative decor around your house!

The best part about this rainy day activity is that it’ll keep the kids roughly in one spot, quietly focused, and painting as much as their imagination lets them! That basically translates into semi-free time for the parents watching. Seriously, how nice would it be to do the dishes, cook a meal, or even use the restroom with ZERO interruptions? EXACTLY.

So the next time you find yourself looking for an activity to entertain, rainy weather or not, grab some rocks outside (or at store with a garden section) and get painting!! Would love to see what cool rock art you and your little ones come up with!


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  • So creative! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for some rocks for my children to paint! Thanks for the great idea. Will be sharing this with my sister-in-law.

  • Cute

  • Wow! Sophisticated skills there!

  • Awesome idea! I got some big rocks recently

  • Love it!!!

  • Keep on the good work!

  • πŸ™‚

  • The cutest πŸ˜€

  • Rosie you are way too cute!


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