Our Trip To The Broad Museum

I finally made time to take the kids to The Broad museum and it was amazing! Sure the kids freaked out the staff because they were running about, but nothing broke and no one peed on the floor. In my book, that’s a total win!

For those who are unaware, The Broad museum is a private art collection belonging to Eli and Edythe Broad who decided to house 2000+ works of art to the public…FOR FREE. The couple has been building their collection over the last 5 decades and are known for having close relationships with most of the artists they feature. Some of the artists include: Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Kruger, Cy Twombly, Ed Ruscha, Kara Walker, Christopher Wool,  Joseph Beuys, and Jasper Johns just to name a few.

For the record, there’s so much more to enjoy other than the popular selfie-must infinity room filled with mirrors and dazzling lights. Everywhere you turn, whether it’s the Willy Wonka glass-walled elevator or the signature honeycomb facade, oozes artful architecture that compliments the art collection within.

The entire place is delightful and gives you this strong sense of wonder and imagination, which is why I chose the Willy Wonka’s song “Pure Imagination” :). At the end of the day, I just hope my kids have a stronger appreciation for the arts and the stories the artists themselves are trying to tell..well I can wish at least! Who knows, maybe their drawings taped to my refrigerator (and bedroom, bathroom, and closet walls) is just the beginning of their own stories.

If you’re ever in Los Angeles, be sure to RSVP on their website and enjoy a few hours appreciating Eli and Edythe’s collection!

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  • Too cute!! I wanna go, but am over here in Kansas 🙁

  • The song was perfect for this video! What a cool place.

    • Thank you and yes it is!

  • This is way better than my trips to the neighborhood park! Guess I better start looking up art museums in my area. How do you keep your kids behaved so well??? Tips appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

  • First off, great video as always. Secondly, I’ve been wanting to start a blog of my own (you make it look so fun and easy), but am struggling with a blog name. Any advice? Also, what hosting services are you using? Thanks Hustling Mama!

    • Yay! Join the blogging world with me :D. I would suggest writing blog names that you like on post-its and then sticking the top 5 on the wall in your room, kitchen, or bathroom. If you think of a new name that you like better than the ones on the wall, post-it and take down a name you’re not digging as much. You can eventually consider the names that have been on the wall the longest. Good luck!


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