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Hello Everyone!

It’s my birthday week and I’ve decided to gift myself my own present…the perfect present..the present of SELF CARE! I’ve been neglecting myself for the past 3 years and feel it’s time to reinvest in me. I’m not talking about a day trip to the spa or a night out with the girls. I’m talking about making it a point to do something for me, from my health to my sanity, every week until the end of the year. If I’m going to return back to the work soon, I need to recharge, toss out all my maternity clothes (yes, I still wear them!), and basically work on getting my groove back.

That being said, I’m thrilled to be teaming up with SoulCycle to kick off my self care journey! Also…I’M TAKING 14 DESERVING MAMAS ALONG WITH ME AS I HOST A MAMA EMPOWERMENT CYCLING CLASS…ALL FREE!!! My goal is to celebrate busy moms and to spread the message that self care shouldn’t be neglected. SoulCycle, a high-intensity, fun indoor cycling workout will leave you feeling strong and energized. There’s a reason why they’ve taken both west and east coasts by storm and have celebrities joining their tribe. Just imagine going clubbing (the room is dark) in a gym with Tony Robbins as your workout buddy. SoulCycle aspires to inspire and that’s why I want to invite and treat 14 deserving mamas to join me in getting not just me time, but empowered me time!

Must be available November 12, Sunday at between 10:45-11:45am. Class will be held in SoulCycle’s Downtown Los Angeles location. More details will be given later.

To enter yourself or nominate a mama, simply:

  1. Like my SoulCycle Giveaway post on Instagram or The Hustling Mama’s Facebook Page (more likes/comments = more entries)
  2. Leave a comment and tag the deserving mamas you would like to nominate (one comment per tag please)
  3. You must be following me @TheHustlingMama and @SoulCycle
  4. Bonus points for those who can share why they feel they or the person they are nominating are doing a great job
  5. There’s no limit how many people you can tag/nominate so invite all your mom friends!

**Giveaway ends in 6 days on November 7th at midnight. Winners will be contacted the morning of November 8th. Please make sure nominees live in LA or can get to LA on November 12th. DM if you have any questions!**




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  • Nice!

  • That sounds amazing!

  • Up top!

  • Dammm I’d so enter if I lived closer! I just purchased a spin bike, I love cycle class!

  • You go Mama!

  • Great idea!!!

  • That’s awesome!

  • You’re amazing!

  • What a great idea! Happy Birthday!!

  • Too bad I don’t live in LA. Would love to try it

  • Everyday you hustlin’, baby boo

  • Hey do dog moms count?!?!


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