Life was treating us really well in Texas when Baba decided to make things a bit more interesting. He accepted admission to a graduate program across the country, which meant we had 6 months to pack up our spacious home in Texas, find a tiny apartment in Downtown Los Angeles, and bid our families and friends goodbye. Think of it as a very expensive 2 year family camping trip, at least that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves.




Ten years ago I couldn’t imagine having kids yet today they’re all I think about. It’s been 2 years since I chose the life as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) and it’s been the best “it’s complicated” relationship I’ve ever had.
Originally intended to be released last year, this blog was to cover my countless craft projects, baking experiments, and sneaky educational activities. In addition to that, I’ll now be blogging about the aftermath of our cross-country move, how the kids are adjusting to busy city life, and my challenges of a somewhat single parent.

My goal is to consolidate all of my favorite memories/adventures in this blog, rather than having it separate across different social media platforms. Also, it would be nice if one day this blog convinces my kids not to toss Mommy and Baba into a retirement home!  ?



About Kids

Austin is 4 and Callie is 2 years young. They’re both happy kids and full of infectious energy. Being a SAHM the past couple of years has made them feel comfortable and expressive in front of the camera. Don’t be surprised if you see them take over my blog on the days I’m too busy to write! Just the other month, Austin took over my Snapchat account and hosted his own travel channel during the road trip out to California. 


Austin has a good sense of humor, patient with his little sister, and likes to pretend he’s a deejaying robot that can cook. Callie is sweet, but is approaching her moody and attitudy “two-nager” phase. Together they host a unique cooking show called “TADA! Cooking” for their friends and family.




Meet Baba. He’s the dad who frequents the bathroom conveniently when the kids are acting up (I know he’s Netflixing) and always has a handful of dad jokes in his back pocket. He’s never experienced less than 7 hours of sleep in his entire life until recently when he started school. To be honest, it’s kind of funny to watch him pass out mid-conversation. We do love him heaps and are super supportive of his decision to go back to graduate school as a full time student!